Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 5: Uh Oh, I wrote to Glenn Beck! Shabbat Shalom :-)

Well this has truly been a quiet and relaxing first Shabbat in Israel. Though I didn't do much worthy of blogging, I promised myself that, as long as I had internet availability (i.e. am not traveling or in some obscure part of the Middle East) I would blog everyday.

The fabulous thing about Shabbat in Israel is that, even in a busy, secular city like Tel Aviv, things are so quiet. Busses don't run, there aren't many cars on the street, and sidewalks are empty; it is very peaceful and serene. Of course the quiet in Tel Aviv could most likely be attributed to the fact that everyone is either at Synagogue or the beach, but I really enjoyed the peace and quiet while I was resting in my room. Though I won't be making a habit of staying in on the weekends (or really any day for that matter), my body was very happy to get rest. I am finally feeling a little more back on track, even though now I'm having a new jet lag problem; I can get to bed, but I wake up at 5 in the morning... oy vey! Luckily tomorrow I start my Ulpan (intensive Hebrew course) at 8:30 in the morning, so at least if I wake up early I won't be too mad. After Ulpan it's off to the beautiful Tel Aviv beaches for the first time since I've been back. I can't wait to get into that warm Mediterranean water, and further work on my "I want to look much less American" tan!

 Aside from that, the only other thing to note is that I finally wrote to the company putting on Glenn Beck's "Restoring Courage" rally that is taking place in Jerusalem next month. I want tickets very badly, and as an American living in Israel, hope they won't be too hard to find. I know most of you will read this and think "Oh my God, Glenn Beck... How can you stand that man, and blah blah". To you I say this: Anyone who wants to come and bring people to Israel, to throw a rally in support of this amazing land, is worth going to see. I may not agree with him on everything political, but then again I don't really agree with anyone on "everything" when it comes to politics, but his love for Israel is strong and unwavering, and he is doing a great service to this country by bringing both people and awareness to this wonderful, amazing, fantastic, and beautiful country. And hey, if I hope to start out by being a Fox News correspondent in the Middle East (sorry mom, but Fox News is the highest rated cable news station that reaches the most people... O and I'm a Moderate Republican), then it couldn't help to try and make contacts at the event! Mom try not to be too upset, at least there are a few things politically we agree on :-) even if they are very few!

Stay tuned for an extensive post tomorrow :-)

Lilah Tov (goodnight),
Jordana Simone

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