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1/24/12: Far From The Eyes, Far From The Heart

The best group of girls anyone could ask for

A friend of mine in Israel told me when something is  "far from the eyes" it is  "far from the heart,  and when I first heard this quote (which was told to me in Hebrew) it took a minute to process. I don't think I really understood it's meaning until quite recently due to the rapid speed at which my trip home is approaching. I have been away from California, from my family, and from my friends for over a half a year, and this week was the first time I felt even the slightest bit sick for home. With no prospect of going home in sight it is so easy for me to put a multitude of other things at the forefront of my thoughts, however, with home being only a week away I find myself pining for familiarity and thinking of little else.

It hasn't really registered that it has been over a half of a year since I have seen the United States, but despite the time that has lapsed I know that my beautiful desert with her plethora of Palm Trees and tall mountains will be waiting for me in much the same state as I left her (minus the fact that it won't be 118 degrees outside) when I return home in a weeks time.

I really can say I live in two paradises, and I consider myself so lucky to be able to call both my Palm Springs Desert and my Tel Aviv Coast home! Aside from my overwhelming excitement to be back in a place where winter doesn't exist and it is still 80 degrees outside (which is a nice change from the absolute shit (pardon my French) weather Tel Aviv has been experiencing), I am so excited to be back with my family and friends! The thought of seeing them so soon has made me realize just how much I miss them, and I can't begin to describe how amazing it will feel to fill the void that has been made due to their absence. I am blessed to have the most amazing group of friends back home and we never miss a chance to have the greatest times together. We don't have to do much but we always have so much fun. My nights won't be filled with the crazy partying that has consumed much of my time in Tel Aviv, but they will be filled with something much more intimate and special with people who I have known since I was practically a baby.

The best groups come in 4's!  
My bubble and me


We've come a long way together 

With me from 4-24!! 

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It's not a proper get together without bubble, MD, and Jare

I'm pretty sure it is a given that I miss my parents, grandparents, and sisters, but there is another member of my family that I probably miss more than all!!! yes... My DOG!!! I can't even describe how much I have missed canine companionship since being in Israel, and nothing in the world is going to be better than walking in my front door to the sound of my crazy brother's excited barks. Yes I call my dog my brother since my mom treats him just like one of her children (even better sometimes!). He may be pretty fat and useless, and only interested in eating my food, but I love him more than anything and I'm so excited to finally see him again!! One thing to note about me is that I'm the biggest "dog" person in the world so naturally this excitement is expected.

My beautiful Ari Simon

He really does just want to eat... ALL THE TIME

This is how much I love him... I stoop this low :-) 

Now all that is standing in my way is finishing this research paper of mine, which, thankfully, is almost done! After that I have a few social activities that I'm greatly looking forward to this weekend, including a much overdo trip to Jaffa, and then it is on to packing and getting ready for a month home filled with good food, family, friends, and lots and lots of sunshine!

Tisba7 3ala khier ya chaverim <3,
Jordana Simone 

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