Monday, June 18, 2012

6/18/12: The Lull Will Soon Be Over

For the past few weeks I can't help but feel I have been stuck in a bit of a rut, suspended in limbo between an old plan that I feel needs to end sooner than later, and a new plan that will jump start my career and adult life. Unfortunately, however, I am finding it incredibly hard to motivate myself to close (or at least put on hold) my current chapter before beginning the next. When I am passionate and interested in something it is with pleasure that I invest 100% of my time an energy into whatever that something may be, however, when I feel that said thing has run its course, whether or not I happen to be finished with it, I lose all motivation and find myself bored and restless.

Luckily for me I go to take the placement test for my 5 month intensive Hebrew Ulpan tomorrow, which should begin in July and last me right up until I start the next 5 months of my intensive Hebrew hell to get me ready to study my next degree completely in a foreign language! To say that I am excited about this is quite the understatement as I am very ready to attain a decent level of fluency in the language of the country I am now a new citizen of. Now all I have to do is wrap my mind around the 4 papers I have to write, and doing that with little interest in what I am writing about should be fairly miserable. O well, we must do what we must do, and at least come September I will be able to completely move on.

On a happier note I received the best news that my little sister will be coming to visit me for a month in mid July. She will be flying over with my step sister who is coming to Israel for a year to do a Master's program of her own, and I will finally be reunited with my two siblings... at the same time! Tel Aviv is in for quite a treat once the Pepper-Lieberman clan are reunited. I can't deny that having more girls in my life will be a breath of fresh air and a wonderful change from the norm of living with and being constantly surrounded by men. As wonderful as it is I'm definitely on the prowl for more girlfriends. I think my recent re-watching of Sex and the City has jump started my desire for a solid group of girlfriends.

One girlfriend, however, just returned to Israel for a short time so it has been great being able to see her. I met her through my roommate Morgan and she lives in the penthouse of our building. The other night Morgan and I went up for some much needed relaxing wine and jacuzzi time before going out to a sushi dinner with the clan, and it was the perfect way to start my last week of classes. I think my trip up to the 30th floor motivated me to work really hard to make lots of money one day so that I can enjoy the splendors of living so high up :-). I know my mom is probably thinking to herself, "O Jordana, money isn't everything", and she would be right, but it will sure be nice to have a bunch of it one day!!!

Penthouse view! 

Hot tub, wine, and a perfect summer night! 

Like I said before, this week marks the end of my 2nd semester at Tel Aviv University, and the conclusion of my studies in the MAMES program, at least until I am finished with my next degree in Hebrew. It has been a wonderful experience, and the MAMES program brought me to my new home and for that I am eternally grateful, but I can't say I'm sad to see it ending. With a clean slate only a week away I am beginning to plan fabulous days spent studying Hebrew, readying myself for my next round of studies, enjoying all that Tel Aviv has to offer, trying to write these last papers, and beginning summer the right way; with lots of beach time and daily Israeli iced coffees! It's a good thing my Ulpan is a block away from the beach :-)

Until we meet again, ya chaverim! YOM TOV!!

Jordana Simone 

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