Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 25: Tel Aviv Meets Berkeley

Today was a very busy day off! Luckily I was able to sleep in a little bit, because once I left my apartment it was go, go, go. My good friend Sarah is in town from London so we planned to meet up at the beach today around 11:30 to have a nice, relaxing morning by the water. I met my friend Dana at the gate to the apartment buildings, and we headed to the bus stop to get to the beach. When we finally arrived, Susanna and Sarah were already there taking advantage of the gorgeous day outside. After a few minutes of laying out in the sun, and most likely doing irreparable damage to my poor skin, I couldn't resist going into the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean. The water here is so gorgeous; warm and clear with calm waves and white sand. I cold have stayed in that water all day.

After we had been there for a little while, my friend Uriel (from Jerusalem) came to meet us, and he brought with him some much appreciated presents! Much to Susanna's delight, he provided a hookah with lemon-mint tobacco, waters, beer, chocolate, and Bamba (which is an amazing Israeli snack); it was our own little party on Frishman Beach :-) Uriel and I decided to venture back into the water which was great because it gave the two of us a chance to really catch up with one another. He is a very special friend and I'm so glad we remained close over the years. A few more hours passed and it was time for everyone to say goodbye seeing as it was getting close to Shabbat and Susanna and Uriel had to get to Jerusalem. Dana and I said our goodbyes and we were off back to Ramat Aviv.

Sarah had left the beach earlier to take her boss to the airport, but just as I got home she was on her way back to Ramat Aviv to come stay with me at my apartment. After she arrived and settled in we decided to take a few hours to recover from our extreme sun exhaustion. We watched some TV, took a nap, and I caught up on some very important emails. A very exciting thing happened a few days ago and I completely forgot to mention it. I heard back from one of the internships that I had applied for, a position at a co owned Palestinian Israeli news journal, and I have an interview set up in Tel Aviv for Sunday afternoon!! I am so excited to hear more about the position, and if I get the internship I would get to work in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Once I responded to the email about the internship, Sarah, Dana, and I decided to do something new and go explore Rehov Rothschild (Rothschild Street), eat dinner, and then have dessert at Max Brenner, which is a pretty upscale chain of chocolateries in Israel. Once you get near Rothschild it is like you are entering a different world, and all I can equate it to is being in Berkeley during a big protest. There are tents set up and down the entirety of the street filled with people protesting Israel's harsh financial situation. It really is quite a site. In what is called the "tent city" were musicians, street performers, and general admirers all adding to this scene of protest. It was like I was back on Sproul Plaza!

We walked up and down the street and then finally settled on this cute, little Sushi restaurant for dinner. It was so fantastically amazing. I don't really like fish but give me a good spicy tuna roll and I'm in 7th heaven! After a great meal we ventured to Max Brenner for the most amazing chocolate EVER! Sarah had a cup of melted bitter sweet chocolate, Dana had a delicious chocolate souffle, and I had the most mouth watering cup of hot chocolate chai! Couldn't have been a better dinner and dessert. We were all in a state of food coma, so we decided to spend a little time walking around in the hopes that it would help us digest the pounds of food we had just consumed. After walking around a bit and enjoying the general splendor of the night, we headed back to the apartment. We were all so tired that it didn't even matter that it was a Friday night and we were coming home at midnight. In the last three nights I have gotten little to no sleep, so tomorrow will be a very relaxing day filled with sun, books, and lots of naps :-)

Until tomorrow then,
Jordana Simone

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