Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 36: I Mean Really... Who Lives In A Hotel?!? :-)

Today was such a wonderful, relaxing day off. I was originally going to go into Haifa but was not feeling all that well so I decided to postpone the trip to another time. It's so nice, every once in a while, to just do nothing. I spent the day finishing up some homework, catching up on movies, resting, looking for night Arabic classes, and finding new Arabic music (which was by far my favorite activity of the day!) It is so nice living in a country where this music is always played, and no one get's annoyed that it is all I listen to :-). Other than that there was really nothing too exciting to report today. I did connect with a friend from Berkeley who I know through AEPi (the Jewish fraternity), and who is studying medicine here at Tel Aviv University. We decided to meet up for dinner tomorrow night, so that will be very nice. I also made plans with my good friend Uriel to go to Netanya this Shabbat, so this week has many things to look forward to. I have never been to Netanya so I am very excited to explore more of Israel :-) 

I miss everyone back home very much, but am very happy to report that I am having the time of my life!! I thank God every day that I have this amazing opportunity and journey. I also finalized my arrangements for my month long move to Jerusalem, and am ecstatically happy with my accommodations. It is a beautiful hotel in East Jerusalem, only 2 minutes away from where I will be working. Take a look : http://www.azzahrahotel.com/. It is going to be such a fantastic month, and along with my internship I'm hoping to be able to take night Arabic classes so that I am all brushed up by the start of the semester. It also won't hurt that I'm living in Arab East Jerusalem so I'll have plenty of opportunities to practice. I'm brushing up on my Arabic singing as well, so that I can hopefully do what I did two years ago and exchange singing arabic for free cab rides :-D. I can't wait to be back in Jerusalem!! Only one more month!

Tomorrow it is back to Ulpan, and I'm quite excited to get back into the studying mode. I feel like my Hebrew is greatly improving so I want to continue working hard to get these languages down! I refuse to come back to the states until I'm conversationally fluent in Arabic, and proficient in Hebrew. REFUSE! Good thing I'm here for a nice, long time :-)

Lilah Tov Chaverim!
Until tomorrow <3,
Jordana Simone 

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