Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 38-39: Your Body Can't Take Too Much Vacation

Well, my body has finally decided that it wants to be a bit temperamental. Yesterday and today I have not been feeling the best, but alas,  I haven't let that stop me from having some fun (probably not the best idea). Yesterday, after a much needed nap, I was planning on a quiet night at home when I got a call from my friend from Berkeley inviting me over to his place for a home cooked meal (compliments of his friend visiting from the United States). Of course I accepted the invitation, and am so glad that I did. It was a wonderful meal spent with some really great people. My friend and his roommate are both starting medical school here at Tel Aviv, and his friend in from out of town is about to go into his last year at UCSC. The four of us had a great time, and naturally I felt right at home being the only girl out with 3 guys. As the night progressed I was able to meet some more people beginning Medical School, and then it was time for me to be getting back home. I still wasn't feeling the best.

Today I woke up and it was all over. Allergies out of control, stomach not so great, sore throat, and my leg, which I sliced open on a bike rack the other night, has been killing me all day... My body was definitely saying that today was a day to be in and doing nothing. Luckily it is Shabbat, so a day of relaxation is not so unheard of. I was supposed to meet a friend in Netanya this weekend, but decided that it would be best to postpone the trip until I am feeling better. There is no need to push my body any farther than it should be pushed, and it has reached it's limit for a few days. Other than that, the rest of today will be spent catching up on sleep and getting back on track before the start of the week. Tomorrow we will see how I feel, and then determine what exciting things I can do tomorrow night.  In the city that literally never sleeps, I'm not worried about missing out on too much. If you stay in one or two nights, you know that the next few nights there will be a plethora of things to do until the early, early hours of the morning; that is what is so special about Tel Aviv. I'll get my rest, and then be out an about again in no time.

Until Tomorrow,
Jordana Simone 

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