Saturday, December 3, 2011

12/3/11: Did I Really Just Do That??

I had every intention of staying home last night... I really, really did. But, of course, my crazy roommates, who have perfected the art of peer pressure, convinced me to come out with them. I had done a bit of work during the day so I figured that I might as well go and enjoy the night. As I was getting ready I was told that a group of us, guys and girls, were going to a... well let's just call it a club for gentlemen, in Tel Aviv. When I heard this I immediately protested and said that they could have that kind of fun without their female roommate around, but they still pushed for me to go. At this point I told my self there is a first time for everything, and moving away is about experiencing new things... Though I usually save this kind of rationalization for things like traveling to somewhat dangerous places, or doing amazing things in terms of academic and personal experiences, and not for going to a strip club with my male roommates, the justification made me feel a little bit better about my decision.

My roommate Gary and I left from our house and met the other people at the club. When we got inside there were the few of us girls in our group plus probably 100+ men; talk about feeling significantly outnumbered. Now, though I am not a guy, I can pretty much guess that when we all walked in the boys were immediately taken with the half naked girls walking around, dancing on the stage, and sporadically giving gentlemen lap dances... I, on the other hand, walked in and immediately wondered A) what the hell am I doing here, and b) what cold possibly make a woman want to work in a place like this. It's one thing when you see scenes like this in the movies, but it puts things in a whole new perspective when you see it in person. I was a bit uncomfortable because, as a woman,  I could never see myself being even slightly ok with being so objectified (even if the money was fabulous). I won't go into details about what I saw since my parents and grandparents read this blog and it is bad enough that they now know I was there (even though I would have told them anyways :-p), but I really just had a hard time watching some of the things that went on.

With that said, the music was great and I figured since I was there I might as well have fun with it. "When in Rome" right? :-). Though I was the most clothed female present, in my tight jeans, boots, and long sleeve, v-neck shirt, I still got up and danced to my hearts content, getting good responses from the crowd that was around me. It was all respectable, in good fun, and I really did enjoy my time out. Give me good dancing music and a small piece of floor to move around on and I'll almost always have a great time. The guys were all up and dancing, us girls were all up and dancing, and there were points in the night that I really didn't even take notice to the fact that we were in a specific type of club. To me, at some points, it really just felt like any other dance club. I guess that is the good thing about being wrapped up in my own world sometimes.

At around 3am it was time for us to head home. It had already been a long night and I was very ready to get to bed. I love how I actually thought that was going to happen. When we got home there were some people over (we have a very social apartment), and we were all hanging out until about 5am... I barely got to sleep before sunrise but it was a very fun night. Of course, I am now going to confine myself to my room for the next month, but I don't regret going. I have to remember that even though I have a lot of work, sometimes it's not good to neglect the social aspects of life. The rest of this weekend, however, I will be completely fine NEGLECTING my social life, since I think sleep is much more important, and I want to be well rested for the arrival of my Step Sister on Monday.

Until next time :-) Masa Il-kheir ya as7abi,
Jordana Simone 

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