Thursday, December 8, 2011

12/8/11: Sisters And The City

Tel Aviv From My Apartment 

Yesterday was a great day spent around Tel Aviv. I really wanted Ida to get a feel for where I lived, and really get a feel for everyday life in general in Tel Aviv, so I took her to some big landmarks by my house. When we woke up and got our day started we set out for Azrieli Center (the three buildings in the picture above). In the center are businesses, a Synagogue (as I found out yesterday), and a huge shopping mall. We walked around for a little while, did some necessary shopping, and then headed out. Luckily, however, before we left the mall, we were made aware that a very important American store was about to open in Israel :-) 

After we left Azrieli we decided to explore my neighborhood and enjoy the nice sunny day, which was a good idea since it is cold, windy, and raining today! We walked around the park, I took Ida to a local supermarket by my house, and then we headed home to make lunch. It was such a nice day we decided to eat out on the patio and have a sister lunch/picnic. The rest of the afternoon was really relaxed and filled with class and homework, but the relaxation was very needed seeing as we were going out with the roommates at night, and that is always a late night adventure.

When I came home Ida and I got ready to meet our friend Maayan for dinner at the Burger Bar near to my house. It has been 7 years since Ida has seen Maayan (she was an Israeli Madricha at the Jewish camp we used to go to), and the reunion was amazing. It was so fantastic being with both Ida and Maayan, and made me really wish that more of my friends and family lived in Israel. We had a great dinner, played around on Maayans vespa in the middle of the shopping center where the restaurant was, and then headed home to meet up with the boys before going out.

Getting all ready to go out! 

Ida with Maayany 
I think I need to get me one of these! 

Riding home!
When we got back to the apartment we had a few pre-party drinks and then headed off towards a club on Dizengoff. It was really great being able to expose Ida to Tel Aviv night life with the people who know it the best. Tel Aviv is such a vibrant city, and truly a city that never sleeps, and Ida got a little taste of that last night. We had the best time just dancing and hanging out with the boys, actually made it home before 3am, got to sleep, and woke up for what we thought would be a nice, quiet day in Herzliya. 

Night out with the boys! 

Today the plan was to go into Herzliya, do some shopping, and meet up with our good friend Talya from back home. We decided to go into the city around 1, explore the area, shop, and eat, and then meet up with Talya around 5:30. Well, that didn't exactly totally work out as planned. About an hour and a half after we arrived it started pouring rain. Luckily we were in a nice cafe when it started, but we were neither prepared for this weather or dressed appropriately for it. With still 2 hours before we were expected to meet our friend, we decided it would be better to head home and meet her another time when the weather was better and we had more time to spend with her. We practically had to swim to the bus stop it was raining so hard, neither of us had an umbrella, Ida only had a shirt and jeans on (no jacket or coat), and we were soaked and freezing. Finally we got on the bus and made it back to a cold and rainy Tel Aviv. 

Tonight we have another night out with the roommates (which is always an adventure), and then tomorrow I'm showing Ida more of this beautiful city I now call my home. She will get to experience Shuk Ha'Carmel, Dizengoff and Allenby shopping, the city center of Tel Aviv, and who knows what else :-). Every day I fall more in love with this city and this country and I am so happy I am now permanently living here. I love the States, I love California, and I miss my friends and family terribly, but I don't think I could ever call any other place my home; at least not for the next many, many years. I took the need to "run away from home" very literally, and I've never been more happy. The fact that I can now share this new chapter in my life with my step sister (and hopefully one day my sister Elana and other members of my family) only makes it that much better! 

Tisba7 3ala kheir ya ashabi <3,
Jordana Simone

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