Sunday, October 23, 2011

10/23/11: Well I've Always Considered Myself One Of The Guys...

Beautiful Arabic Calligraphy 

I like to start my posts off with a picture, but since this post has no pictures to go with it I thought a lovely piece of Arabic calligraphy would be a beautiful addition. With that said, I have always considered myself "one of the guys"; most of my best friends are guys, I have more lasting friendships that came out of my ex boyfriend's fraternity than I do from my own sorority, and I just tend to get along better with the opposite sex. That being said, it really shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me to know that I am about to start living with 4 guys... Yes... 4. Talk about being the token girl! At least one of the roommates has a girlfriend, and I'm hoping she is around enough to balance out the overwhelming amount of testosterone that will be in our apartment! All jokes aside though, I am so excited to be living with such a great group of guys. 

My activity of the night tonight was meeting the guys in Ramat Gan to sign the rental agreement, and I certainly got an education in terms of how Israelis do business. After tonight I'm pretty sure I more fully understand the statement, "if you can deal with Israelis, you can deal with anyone in the world!" Details here aren't necessary, but take my word that it was an education...With business out of the equation, however, the landlords are an extremely nice couple, and I'm very happy that they will be overseeing our time in the apartment. I have heard horror stories about awful landlords and I'm almost positive I won't have a thing to worry about with these two people. 

After all of the legalities were dealt with, they boys and I went out for our first official roommate dinner. We had some great food, got to know one another a little better, talked about the dynamics of the apartment, and discussed what we hoped to get out of living there. I think we all have a really great dynamic, and everything should work out to be just fine... that is as long as they don't think I'm doing all of the cooking and cleaning just because I'm female :-p! Jokes aside (again), I really had a fantastic time tonight, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend time with the guys I will be sharing my life and my home with for the next year (at least). I've never had brothers so who knows... This experience could be like gaining 4 of them :-) 

Aside from the exciting new apartment, and fantastic roommates, tomorrow officially starts the academic semester. Orientation is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then it is off to Jordan Thursday, Friday and Saturday! I am so excited to FINALLY get to an Arab country and am pretty positive that I will fall madly in love with it. At least I know, in all certainty, that I will love the language, food, and music! Once back from Jordan I will have Sunday to recover (maybe do some shopping for the new apartment), and then Monday, October 31st, is my first day of school. 

I have an exciting few weeks ahead and I can't wait to get this semester underway. Between the move to the new apartment, the studying, and the back and forth between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem/West Bank, I will maybe find time to actually breathe during my time here... but it's not a guarantee :-) It's going to be a jam packed semester but I'm excited for every minute of it. With hard work comes great reward! 

Until we meet again <3

Tisba7 3ala kheir ya chaverim,
Jordana Simone 

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